About Gluons

GLŪ′ — ON: 

From Physics: the subatomic force that holds matter together. djurm find edit

Otherwise: Gluons appear to humans as small bears and other soft animals and insist they predate the force identified by physicists. Gluons claim that they hold the universe together and that physicists ought to give credit where credit is due.

Although they are sometimes mistaken for stuffed animals, they are in fact wide-awake, imaginative rather than imaginary, and very clever. Their cleverness allows them to blend in with their less awake fellows while actively pursuing their interests and those of their unwitting hosts. They have a fondness for baked goods and pizza and their cleverness sometimes lands them in interesting predicaments.

diner edited


The Gluon Academy is the Community of Gluons and the school where they learn special skills needed in their work. Until recently the Academy was shrouded in mystery and its influence was suspected rather than observed.little drawer sm

The Gluons focus their attention on the formative human years between infancy and adolescence, when adults largely overlook their importance. They are tireless and unselfish and they like to draw pictures. They maintain their quirky good humor and ceaseless support of young people of all ages despite being described as pesky, mischievous, or curious creatures. One of their primary roles is to make sure that humans don’t take themselves too seriously.umbrellabear cutoutsm

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